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Jul 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
of interest. meanwhile a lawyer for governor bob mcdonnell spoke about accusations aimed at the governor. northern virginia's bureau chief julie carey reports from richmond. >> how hopeful that the charges might be dismissed today? >> i'm not permitted to talk to you. >> reporter: that's defense attorney steven benjamin. todd schneider by his side headed to court to ask the court to drop the embezzlement charges. they have set off a scandal that led a grand jury to investigate bob mcdonnell and gift given to him and his family. schneider blew the whistle when he learned he was under investigation for taking food from the mansion. he said it was payment for services. his attorney said the whole case should be tossed out. he alleges the attorney general's office headed by ken cuccinelli sacrificed schneider trying to cover up other wrongdoing. cuccinelli's office was recused from the case in may but the special prosecutor told the judge he's done an independent review and finds sufficient evidence for charges against schneider >> i am prohibited from making any additional statements. >> re
Jul 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. >> thank you very much, ma'am. >> reporter: fair to say bob of fairfax county knows well the dangers of biking on the roads. his most recent wreck -- >> that was pretty scary. >> reporter: a collision with a truck. >> the truck was going down lee chapel road and clipped me and knocked me off. >> reporter: his experience part of a growing trend in fairfax county. police released the latest numbers. in 2012 there were 106 cyclists involved in crashes. that was up 25% from the year before. already this year there's been 45 bike wrecks. >> this is aluminum so metal will bend. so there what happens the whole thing. >> reporter: bike manager has a theory for the spike in crashes here in the county. >> there's an awareness if you're near paths, if you live in washington, d.c., if you're near the mount vernon trail and expecting cyclists. but cyclists out here outside of the city and people aren't looking right to turn right. people aren't anticipating there might be someone there when there usually isn't someone there. >> reporter: this bike the aftermath of one of those accidents. >> the s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2